I have been a photographer for over 25 years. I love it. I live it, and I'm fired up about it when I wake up in the morning. I love all kinds of photography. Weddings, Photojournalism, Editorial and Commercial. My personal work has appeared in gallery shows, and has achieved awards in professional photographer categories throughout the country. My work has also appeared in regional, national, and international magazine publications. I have photographed celebrities, musicians and professional athletes that I grew up as a child watching on television. But among all the work I have been commissioned for, weddings, by far, are my favorite. Photographing a couple's most important day of their lives is such an honor to be chosen for. The wedding day itself is just filled with love and excitement. Everyone is dressed to their best, and smiling. It is such a positive atmosphere to be submerged into. After 25 years of photographing weddings, I continue to love it more each day. But as an artist, I believe that every serious photographer should photograph something just for themselves. Photography is a form of self expression, just as music, poetry, art, etc..Photography is capturing moments in time that will be forever gone.


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.......... $7,500 (NY, CT, NJ,PA)

Michael, and one of his top associate photographers will plan to be with you capturing your wedding day for up to 10 hours. All the high resolution digital images will be edited, general adjusted, and placed onto an external hard drive for you to keep and make copies from for the rest of your life. You will also receive a private web gallery for 60 days (extended if desired), and a fine art leather album containing up to 100 images. (more if desired).


Personal portraits will be under the category of individual, couple or large family groups. Images will be placed on a web gallery within 3 days after the session. Michael's clients will then choose which images they would like to purchase and own. You have the choice of digital files or fine art paper prints. Black & White or Color. All ordered images will be retouched.


These photographic sessions will be suited for personal promotion. You will decide which images to be used, and Michael will make the necessary adjustments.


These sessions will be considered as more intimate and specialized for your your partner/wife/husband/spouse.

Initial amount to schedule

All sessions require a non-refundable deposit when date is booked. Once the date is scheduled, Michael will reach out to you to discuss ideas and locations.